Australia’s No.1
No Sugar Added
Chocolate Brand

Founded in 2002, Well Naturally No Sugar Added has a vision to pioneer foods that influence people’s lives in a positive way, making them feel healthier and happier.

We make real tasting, better for you foods that help you make healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices that feel natural.

At our core we believe that a mindful approach to eating has incredible benefits for your body and soul and are excited to share our products with you.

What else is there to know?



Well Naturally does qualify under many keto diet protocols.


Our Well Naturally Dark Chocolate range is formulated to be vegan friendly, but may contain traces of milk as it’s manufactured on the same equipment as our Milk Chocolate.


Unlike traditional chocolate, Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate does not contain any added sugar. To impart that delicious sweet taste, we use the natural sweetener stevia. As well as sweetness, sugar provides structure and texture to chocolate. To create a deliciously smooth, chocolate texture, we use:

Polydextrose – a type of fibre derived from corn
Erythritol – a sugar substitute which belongs to a family of ingredients called sugar alcohols (or polyols)

To bring out the rich cocoa notes in our chocolate, we use a hint of flavour. All flavours used in Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate are natural.